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FranchiseRight Tool Box

This is absolutely the most comprehensive set of franchise educational and reference tools ever assembled in one package! If you are considering entering the franchise industry (as a franchisee or franchisor) this information is indispensable!  This is no ordinary tool box. It’s so important that is is included in our first educational course — the A-Zs of Franchising, a webinar presented in 4 – 60 minute sessions. This webinar is a prerequisite for all successive  FranchiseRight coursework and your key to understanding franchising.  Check out the 85+ separate webinar topics and the 38+ valuable implements you get in the tool box.

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FranchiseRight System

The FranchiseRight System™ is a proprietary approach to successful franchise development and operation based on the consistent application of “best practices.” It is both a philosophical perspective and a codified knowledge base — providing entrepreneurs with a development platform that includes six (6) integrated software-based development tools needed to create. launch,  and operate a “best-in-class” franchise company in full legal compliance. For those who prefer to do-it-themselves, the system provides  a proven, step-by-step approach to successful franchising.

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